Greetings in the name of our beloved lord Jesus. I am Nithin a post graduate from India. As India is a culture of multiple diversities and religions, I am happy to say that i was born christian and i was grown up spirtually. From my childhood i had been lead to a church called Mount Olive Church (Penticostal Denomination) because of my parents. As i was lead by these constraints i had a strong desire in my heart that how a god will be and how he is making us to be lead in this earth. I was very anxious about to see how a God will be. But i havent got any detailed idea until my intermediate studies how the god is making us to be lead and how is making all the things for me.

After my intermediate studies i got a good rank in EAMCET and got admission in an Engineering school. Before going to join my Engineering School, a Sister from another town came to our home and prayed a lot for me. In the mean prayer i was profisized that i am going to be a topper in my studies. I felt silly and kept that issue aside and thought that how it gonna be a like that because i am an average guy in my studies. As my engineering school is 600kms far away from my home town i was critised by many of the relatives and neighbourhood of getting admission in that Engineering school. Even my dad suggested me to apply for readmission to my near by places. But dono why, i felt that this school gonna be a good one for me. After completion of my bachelor studies i came to know that why god had lead me to that place. I stood topper of the Engineering school and got gold medal in the year 2009. I felt surprised that how i got these awards for an average guy. But later i had come to conclusion that god is having some plan for me this is why i was lead to this engineering school and remembered the sister who profiszd for me. I feel that God is having some plan for everything in my life. From that day i started all the things through prayer. I think this reason may seems silly but the way i was lead by god had stood me first in all aspects. But regarding schooling if i had listened to my dad or neighbours i would have not be succeeded in a good way what god had planned me inadvance. This is my first resolution from the day that i should start everthing by prayer. Later after my bachelors i had God admitted in an university to complete my Masters. I am happy to say that i stood top in the university in the year 2012. I had all these blessing because i followed God and i started everthing through prayer and he guided me in all issues. I can say that the job i did is due to his blessings too.

13 September 2014 i reached paris for my higher studies. After reaching Paris i felt lot of issues and lots of troubles just because of the new environment. I had decided to return back home but i feel till now that i was here and continuing my studies is just because of the plan he had upon me. As i was new to this place I had gone to many churches in paris but havent felt the presence of god but unfourtunately i was lead to Cep Montreuil by my friend Arman. I dono i feel the presence of God in this church. I came to this church with lots of questions in my mind that why i had came to paris by resigning the job in india. Just because of the faith i have upon God and the words i receive in church and the people who are guiding me had made me to live in paris strongly. Finally i can sum up that Prayer is the weapon for all our troubles. I know one day I will see him face to face and I can live today is nothing compared to what awaits me. I hope you will find lot of things through prayer. He had guided me and guiding me lot of things through prayers.. Why not you.. ?